Download Baidu Root Apk 2.8.6 Latest Version 2022

Download Baidu Root Apk English Version: Do you want to root your Android phone and looking for an app to root your Android? If the answer is yes, then we are here to help you out in root your mobile.

baidu root apk

Today I am going to share the Baidu root apk for Android devices. It will help you to in rooting your mobile. Without a PC, root a mobile is not possible.

But with the Baidu root app possible to root Android without pc. Now in these days, rooted mobile is critical to get the extra feature of a smartphone. Do you have a mobile with low RAM? Well, if the answer is yes, then read more.

As you don’t know, you can increase your mobile internal storage with a rooted mobile. This is good for you because your mobile has low RAM. You can make your mobile more powerful than a normal mobile.

Cracking an app root is common to have. And apps like Lucky Patcher needs a rooted mobile. So you should download the Baidu root app to root your Android.

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What is Baidu Root Apk?

The users who want to get extra features of an app and the mobile? So for those users, it has come. Baidu helps us to root mobile simply without a PC. Commonly PC should be necessary to root a mobile.

baidu root apk

But If you have Baidu, then why you need a PC? Everybody did not get a genuine Baidu app. So If you one of them, then download this app after reading its features below.

Its main work is to root the mobile phone. You can download Dolby Atmos after root your mobile. You can make your mobile sound is like a DJ with Dolby Atmos.

It has come with a Chinese version which is hard to run this app for all users. For seen this, its developer developed it in an English version.  Which is better for a user to drive this app?

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App NameBaidu Root
Size10.68 MB
Last UpdatedJuly 10, 2021
Supported OsAndroid 4.0+

Feature of Baidu Root Apk

Now time to know about its features. And what are the main features of the Baidu Root app?

baidu root app download

  • Pre-Installed Apps: Once you root your mobile, you will get the freedom to remove the pre-installed apps on your Android mobile. Which is not possible without Baidu?
  • Language: Everybody not belonging to the Chinese language. And in today’s life, everyone knows about English. So it has come with two versions one is Chinese, and the other is the English version.
  • Support: Now Baidu Root app supports over 6000 mobile phones in its latest version. Don’t worry about the lower version of your mobile.
  • Free: It has come without any paid promotions. I think you should not want to waste money on it.
  • Easy to Use: If we talk about an easy-to-use root app for Android, Baidu is suitable for Android phones. Every user can easy to handle it on every mobile.
  • Speed Up: If your Mobile is slower, then you can boost your mobile to do it fast with the speed up feature.

How are the features of this amazing app? Tell us with a comment. For downloading it on your mobile, go to the below paragraph from where you can successfully download it. We also shared GB WhatsApp apk.

Requirements for Using BaiduRoot Apk

Maybe you have not an Android with Kit Kat. If you have, then you need a browser like chrome on your mobile. It would help if you had a good internet connection, whether it is Wi-Fi or a cellular data connection. You should free space up to 100 MB on your mobile. A good place where you are not bored.

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Download Baidu Root Apk Latest Version for Android

After the introduction and features, the task is to come how to install and download Baidu? Below in this section, you can download it. To download it, tap one time on the download link. And the link will land you on a new page.

On the new page, clicks on the blue download icon link. After you click on the link, the downloading will be starting in a few seconds.  We hope the link is working properly but if you face any problem, update your browser and then click on the download link.


We provide this app link is up to date. If still, you face any problem, then drop a comment with your problem. Do you want to get its Chinese version? Well, if yes, then tell us. Also, download the FM WhatsApp apk.

How to Download and Install Baidu Root Apk?

Android users that are newbies in the Android world? They don’t have any knowledge about the Android system. So for those users, we provide the download and installation section.

After you download any third-party app, you need to allow some Android mobile settings. So now read the below steps.


For installing any app, you need to allow the unknown sources to install apps from the unknown sources. Turn on your mobile screen and then navigate to the settings of your Android mobile.

Now click on the additional settings, and then you will see a new tab, where have a privacy option? After that, click on the privacy to open it. Now unknown sources option will come in the developer tab. You need to click on the unknown sources to turn it on in your Android.

baidu root app


Now download the Baidu Root App’s latest version from the link in the download section.


After you’ve successfully downloaded it, then install it on your mobile phone. To install it, tap on the three dots in the top of the right corner of your browser.

baidu root apk


Now you will see an option of downloads. Tap on it to open the downloaded files.

download baidu root apk


After that, you can see the downloaded apk in your download tab; tap on it.

baidu root apk download


Now, as we do to click on the other apps. Just click on the install button to start the installation process.

baidu root apk


After the installation is done, an open app option will appear.

baiduroot apk


If you want to open the app now, then click on the open app; if not, then close it.

download baidu root app

We hope that you will not face any problem with the download and installation process. If any of the problems occur while you are installing this app, then drop us a comment.

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Wrapping Up

We hope that you’ve successfully downloaded Baidu Root Apk. Tell us how is this app wondering you in this guide? We hope you like this guide. If you like, then share it with your friends.

If you want to get any help regarding this root app, please drop us a comment below in this guide. We regularly share the kinds of stuff like this. Stay tuned for more apk updates.

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