OGWhatsapp Apk 6.85 Download Latest Version (Updated) 2022

Looking to Download OGWhatsapp apk latest version 6.85 for Android? Well, if yes then you are on the right spot. WhatsApp is one of the most used apps that can be found installed on our smartphone. Well, we know WhatsApp is the most popular yet one of the biggest messaging platforms in the world.


However, WhatsApp lacks pretty cool features. Hence, some developers modded the app and added a lot more cool features. There are many mods available like YOWhatsapp apk, OG Whatsapp appGBWhatsapp Apk, Whatsapp plus apk, FMWhatsapp apk and more.

What is OGWhatsapp apk?

So the question is what is OG Whatsapp apk?. Well in simple words you can say that it is a clone of the official WhatsApp. It is a WhatsApp mod based on the official version of WhatsApp. We also shared Shadow fight 3 Mod app. Also, both of the application, i.e., OGWhatsApp and official WhatsApp has the same user interface.

Also, both of the applications share the same features. But, the thing that makes OGWhatsapp apk different from the official WhatsApp is that it has lots of additional features. However, we will mention all the other feature later in the article so you can understand better about it. Talking about the Whatsapp OG, well it is an unofficial third-party WhatsApp application.

download OGWhatsapp

Now you might have this question in your head, that if the application is from the third party developer. Will it be safe for an android device?. Well, the application is secure, and there are quite a lot of people who are using the app. However, at the end of the article, we will be sharing a few Frequently Asked questions and answers so you will get to know about the OGwhatsapp apk in a better way.

So that was a small introduction to the OGWhatsApp App. Now that you have a pretty enough idea about the application. It is time to discuss the top features of the application. So here we go:

App NameOGWhatsapp
Size26.86 MB
Downloads1 Million+
Android Required4.0+
Root requiredNo
Last Updated20 Nov, 2018

Cool features of OG Whatsapp App:

OGWhatsapp comes with quite a lot of privacy settings and video call features. Also, it comes with the latest emojis. So read through this list of features to figure out about the application:

ogwhatsapp apk

  • With the help of the OGWhatsapp, you will be able to hide your online status. So, as a result, none of your contacts will figure out if you are online or not.
  • Even you can hide the blue ticks for contacts and groups. So if you even read a message, the sender will not be able to figure out.
  • The OG WhatsApp also allows you to hide your second tick. After enabling the feature, whenever you send a message, you will not get to see the tick mark.
  • It also helps you to hide the typing and recording status.
  • You can also select contacts who can view the status of yours.
  • You will be able to view other people status anonymously.
  • It supports quite a lot of document types. Such as with the help of OGWhatsapp apk you will be able to send PDF, TXT, Docs file up to 50MB in size and more.
  • OGWA comes with quite a lot of performance tweaks. Hence it is faster than the original whatsapp.
  • You can share your location in just one click.
  • You can also quickly get access to the camera from the new user interface.
  • You can also hide the contacts menu from the new user interface. Also, you can find the contacts menu in new chat menu near the search icon.
  • In addition to that, you can take status photos like snapchat to your contact or another number.
  • OGMOD also comes with latest Android Oreo’s emojis.
  • You do not have to root your Android smartphone to install the OGWhatsApp Apk.
  • You can use this android application along with the official WhatsApp.
  • It also has an exclusive DND Mode. The mode helps you to disable internet only for OG WhatsApp app.
  • It also has support for the German Language.

Download OGWhatsapp Apk Latest Version

Now that you know about the Cool features of the mod. It is time to share the download link for the mod. Well to complete the OGWhatsApp Download you can click on the below download button.

Once you tap on the download button, the download process for OG Whatsapp mod will start. If the link isn’t working just leave a comment below and we will add a new link.


How to Install It On Android?

Once the application is downloaded, what is next?. The next step is to install the OG Whatsapp 6.85 on your Android smartphone. Now some of you already know how to install an application, and some of you do not have any idea about it. So just in case if you have no idea, then you can follow the below-mentioned steps, and we will walk you through the whole installation process. So here we go:

However, before you go ahead and start installing the OGWA apk. You have to make sure that your smartphone allows installation of apps from unknown sources. Also, most of the smartphones already have the feature enabled. But just in case if your smartphone does not. Then here are the steps that you need to follow:


First of all navigate to the settings of your smartphone.


Then from the settings menu, you have to go to the Additional settings.


From here, head into the Privacy settings.


Now you will see the “Allow installation of apps from unknown sources” option. All you have to do is enable the option, and you are good to go.

ogwhatsapp apk


Also let us mention that in some smartphones, you may not get the “Allow installation of apps from unknown sources” option by following the above steps. So in such cases, considering looking into the security settings of your smartphone. Or you can search for it.


Once you have the feature enabled, you are all set to install OGWhatsapp apk on an Android device. So follow this below mentioned steps, and you will be good to go:


First of all tap on the Whatsapp OG apk file to make the installation process start.



At the next step simply tap on the install button. Now your smartphone will take a few seconds to install the app.

ogwhatsapp download


Once it is installed, you will get to see an open button. Tap on the open button, and now you are all set to use the application.

og whatsapp

So that was the whole process, and now you are all set to use the application. Also, let us mention that the sign up process on the OG WhatsApp is same as the Official whatsapp. So it would not be a problem to you. Anyway, for better understanding about the OGWhatsApp apk you can look at the Frequently Asked question section.

Frequently Asked Question and Answers:


Do I need to uninstall Official WhatsApp to install it?

You do not need to uninstall the official WhatsApp unless you want to use the same WhatsApp number on the OGWhatsApp APK. If you want to use a separate number for both of the WhatsApp application, then there is no need for uninstalling. But if you want to use your existing WhatsApp number on it.

Then you have to uninstall the application. However, before uninstalling the application consider taking a backup.

How do I take a WhatsApp Backup?

Taking a WhatsApp backup is an easy process. All you have to do is go to the settings of WhatsApp. Then head to the chat option and then tap on chat backup. Over here you will get to see a BACKUP button so simply tap on it, and the backup process will start.

How Do I Sign Up on OGWhatsApp?

Signing up process is exactly as same as the official WhatsApp. However to make you understand better, here is a detailed guide:

  • First of all launch the OGWhatsApp.
  • Then tap on the “Accept and Continue” button. Or if you want to load a backup a then hit the “RESTORE” button.
  • After that enter your phone number and then at the next step enter the OTP.
  • After that follow all the screen instructions and you will be good to go.

Will my Android device be safe if I install WhatsappOG?

Well yes, your smartphone will be safe.

Can I Install it on an iPhone?

Well, you can not install the OGWhatsApp on your iPhone. OGWhatsApp only supports Android devices, and as of now, there is no version available for Apple devices.

What Are The Alternatives to OGWhatsApp?

Well, there are quite a lot of alternatives available for the OG WhatsApp. Some of the popular alternatives are the GBWhatsApp, WhatsPlus, YOWhatsApp and so on.

Can I set a password for the mod?

Well, of course, you can. It comes with privacy settings. So, as a result, you will be able to add pattern lock, pin lock or finger print lock.


So that was all about the OGWhatsapp apk download and its top features and installation guide. Hope the article has helped you with your query. However, before you go and uninstall the official WhatsApp at first. It is advisable to try out the OG WhatsApp app on a different number so you can figure out its features. And then switch to the official WhatsApp version’s phone number.

Also apart from all these, if you have any additional questions regarding the OGWA mod apk. Then you can comment below, and we will surely help you with your query.

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