Download Blackmart Apk 2.16 Latest Version [Updated] 2022

Do you know how can you get the paid apps for free? Well if you know then good. If you don’t know then read this guide. Today I am sharing with you blackmart apk which would help its users to get any of the paid apps for free.

blackmart apk

Blackmart is the only truly app in which we can download any of the paid apps for free. Everyone think how is it possible. You know nothing is impossible to do. With this, the blackmart is one of the alternatives to the play store. Recently I have Shared OG WhatsApp apk.

Most of the people failed to download the blackmart alpha. If you think why. Because it is not available at the play store and mostly guys search it on play store.

You can download 100% genuine blackmart app from the given below link in this guide. So now we go ahead to the topic without wasting the time. Check also, Framaroot apk latest version for Android.

What is Blackmart Apk?

Blackmart app helps its users to download any paid app for free without any charges. It helps to save the money. I think everyone needed to download this apk for their Android devices. Some time ago I have downloaded some apps at the high price from the play store.

download blackmart apk

After that, I heard about the Blackmart app. One day I used it and download many apps for free in the blackmart alpha. It is one of the alternatives of the google play store. With this, it is the black market of the apps. You can download any of the apps as you wish in the black. Its full name is the Blackmart alpha apk.

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App NameBlackmart
App Size6.10 MB
DeveloperBlackmart Alpha
App Versionv 2.16
Last Updated07 September 2018

Features of Blackmart Apk

First, everyone wants to know about any app and after that, they download the app. So I have prepared a list of some best features of the blackmart App. Read these features and after that, you will know about it. So now we go ahead to the list without wasting our time.

blackmart app

  • Paid apps for free: As you know this is the main and working feature of this apk. You can download any of the paid apps for free in this apk. As you know, Why everybody loves this? Everybody love this for this feature.
  • Without Rooting: Without rooting not possible to download an app for free. But its developer made it possible to do. No need to root your mobile. You can download the blackmart without root.
  • Limit: It has no limit of apps to download. You can download a lot of apps for free without any limit.
  • Multiple Languages: You have an option to choose any one of language with your choice as you wish. It has over all languages.
  • Registration: You don’t know about this feature. Every app like play store, you need to register on it via your email or your mobile number. But in this app, you have no need to register on it via your email or number. Simply download and install it and download any of app in the blackmart.
  • Versions: If you download any of the apps in the blackmart then it will give you some option to choose the version of the app which you want to download.
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Download Blackmart Apk Latest Version For Android

This is the download section of the Blackmart Apk. You can download the latest version from the given below link. I have provided you the real link of the Blackmart below. Don’t waste your time on the fake links.

blackmart apk download


You can download this app from given above link. Sometimes the link shows some error. If this link shows you any error then leave us a comment below in the comment section and I will replace this link. Shadow Fight 3 available also.

How to download and Install Blackmart Apk?

If you newly, and you are downloading any apk first time then you need to do some work before installing process. Don’t worry about how to download and install it. Here are all of the steps which would help you 100% in the installation. So now we go ahead to the steps.


Hey, guys first we need to enable the unknown sources from our mobile settings. If you do this then you can easily install this apk on your mobile. So follow given below instructions.

  • First of all, open your mobile settings and then click on additional settings.

download blackmart app

  • Now click on privacy and then you will see an option of unknown sources.

blackmart apk

  • After that, click on unknown sources option to enable allow installation of apps from unknown sources.

blackmart app


Download Blackmart App latest version from given above link in the download section. As you know it is not available in the play store.


After download the Blackmart app installs it on your android mobile.

blackmart apk


After the installation process has been done you will see a button to open the app. click on open the app.

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Frequently Asked Questions [FAQS]

Hey, fellas here is the most questions which are asked by a lot of people. I think some of the questions are walking on your mind. Am I right? If yes then read the below questions. If any of your questions are missed in these questions then send me your question in a comment. I will send you the answer to your question.

blackmart apk

Q. Is it available on the play store?

Sadly, I wanna tell you, you cannot get it on the play store. You can download it from the given above link in the download section.

Q. Does it required a rooted mobile?

No, it doesn’t require a rooted mobile. You can download and install it on your mobile without rooting. For more details download it on your mobile.

Q. Is it safe for use?

As you know if we use anything for good work then it is good and safe for use. If we use the same thing for bad or illegal work then it is unsafe for us. Like this blackmart is similar. If we use it for legal purpose then it is safe. If we use it for the illegal purpose like any illegal app if we download any illegal app in blackmart then it is not safe for use.

Q Is it available for iPhone?

Sorry, guys, it is not available for the iOS users. If it will available on future then you can download from here. We will provide you first on the You can prank your friends with SMS Bomber apk.

Q. Is it virus free?

Of course, why not? It is 100% virus free. I know because I have used it on my own mobile.


How are you feeling after downloading the Blackmart apk latest version? Tell us, How many apps have you downloaded from the blackmart? Do let us know with a comment. I think you have successfully downloaded this app without any problem.

I hope you like this guide, If yes then share it with your friends with the sharing plugins at the left corner. If you need any help regarding this app then leave us a comment. We cannot know what is your problem if you do not tell us. If you want to get this types content or apps more,  then subscribe to [] “:)”

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